Woocommerce Chatfuel Premium Integration


Woocommerce Chatfuel Premium Integration

Integrate your Woocommerce store with Chatfuel, a Facebook messanger bot building platform, to build awesome selling bot !




Ever wanted to have a selling bot like the one in Shopify for your Woocommerce store? It is now possible with this plugin installed and activated on your Woocommerce store!

Get the best of two worlds ! Chatfuel provide a fast & easy way to build your interactive chatbot on popular Facebook Messanger. This plugin supercharges your Woocommerce store by providing products, product categories/tags and more json endpoints which can be intergrated with Chatfuel json plugin api.

Feature supported :
1) insert Facebook messanger plugin on your website
2) json endpoints of posts
3) json endpoints of categories
4) json endpoints of tags
5) json endpoints to search posts
6) json endpoints of products
7) json endpoints of product category
8) json endpoints of product tag
9) customer webview login from messenger
10) Order status changed notification to messenger

What are you waiting for? Integrate and start selling on Facebook Messenger now.

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